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Positive Life Magazine Feature

Positive Life Magazine

Today is an exciting day for Dublin with a buzz around town as the Pendulum Summit is finally here and Mr. Empowerment himself Tony Robbins arrives on his first ever visit to Ireland to motivate all those flocking to The Convention Centre to see him.

I'm sitting down this morning before I head off to be inspired, having my green tea and a Goodness Gracious raw luxurious cake. Mmmmmmmm. Oh and Yes before you ask, you can eat cake for breakfast! (well these ones anyway as they are all 100% natural and have hidden superfoods to fuel your body and mind!) I am feeling very happy with the journey that Goodness Gracious has brought me on so far so to pick up such an uplifting magazine as Positive Life and find it mentioned Goodness Gracious desserts so nicely amongst the pages makes me feel extremely grateful. Who knows after a day with Tony Robbins what I’ll be motived to do next!!

Thank you Positive Life for your recommendation and kind words, pick up their latest issue and you will find some of our yummy treats featured inside.

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